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PIcompass.com Team

PIcompass.com Team

Who is PIcompass.com?
PIcompass.com is a Leadership and Management  founded in 2012 in URT (Tanzania, United Republic of). We provide our customers with high-quality Leadership and Management in a single combined model. This strengthens performance; viz. giving key factors in their essential components in all Organizations worldwide -Leadership, strategic thoughts and Management.

Our solutions are complete Organizational Leadership and management, including the tools necessary for an Organization at all levels viz. entrepreneurship, to corporations. Our products are continually developed, updated, maintained and supported by PIcompass.com in-house experts.

Our Customers:
We are pursuing the whole world; we are entering these services to contribute to the current crisis in leadership and management. We offer tools that are needed by customers at a particular time, an position, starting from the big-picture down to details in a seven indispensable Links. These way, Leaders and Managers clearly understand the challenge around so that, offering genuine solution, well controlled and succinct.

PIcompass.com Management Style:

PIcompass.com treasure "self-managed Teams" being the zeitgeist of the 21st century; we have set our organization driving forces in a Creativity >Discovery>Invention >Innovation >Creativity circle.  It is a very strong motivator to our team.

Join The High-Performance  Team!

We are continually looking forward to recruiting best talented and highly skilled self-managed personnel in Management who are capable of our current century empowering tools (1) Management (2) Information System Management and (3) IT. The target is personnel that possess High & Dynamic Performance.
With this in mind, PIcompass.com Team is composed of:

Eng. Nkinga, Joel PEng(T), MIET
CEO & Founder - PI Enterprises.


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