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Why some Leaders identify powerful synergy opportunities, while others do not?

Published by Joel NN in 4- Synergy · 18/3/2014 13:31:49
Tags: Synergyempowerbusiness

Cognizing synergies to business is not an automatic act as seen from Leaders performances across the business sphere, where some Leaders overturns every stone  for opportunities while others takes for granted waiting things happen to them. Think of huge organizations like sovereign states (countries), some are vested with plenty of natural resources, however, remains in dire poverty for decades, some of them they are bestowed with limited natural synergies but thrives.  What is the reason behind? Because of the Four Levels of Cognition as the source of Self-Deception shown in stage-4, it is a direct influencing factor of synthetic thinking process, whereby total professional profile (PP) is integrated including the past (experience, education, networks etc.), the present (talents, profession, motivation, synergy etc.), and the future (an artefact as a solution). If Sources of Cognition is not streamlined properly self-deception will dominate any person, we have proposed several methods of re-imprinting to any zone, such that Leaders performs to their best Leadership.

It is very sad suffering in the middle natural resources abundance as synergies, however, unless that Leader (person) takes strong steps leading to sacrificing the comfort-zone into High-Performance area (HIPA-Region) through training or re-imprinting techniques.

What are your views?

How are the Past, Present, and Future Synergy Opportunities hones Strategy?

Published by Joel NN in 3- Strategy · 18/3/2014 13:22:43
Tags: StrategyTacticsPlans
Some Leaders replicate the past to achieve the present; some of them improve the past to create artefact benefiting from the current opportunities; however, the rest are shaped by their enhanced past experiences, integrates the network generated therefrom, and scrutinizes customer’s aspired outcomes to enrich the present. Why different strategies?

What involves Management?

Published by Joel NN in 5-Management · 15/3/2014 23:22:05
Tags: ManagementLeadershipjobdesigncontrolscontrolsupply
Management is as important as Leadership, however, not the same but complementally to each other.

How to unlock your best Leadership in you?

Published by Joel NN in 1-Self-Development · 15/3/2014 22:52:23
Tags: SelfIntelligenceCognitionspiritualMoralimprintingTraining
Leadership is the source of success, failure, happiness, torture and all sorts of human justices and injustices between people and against animals and things. It should be well promoted!

"Leadership Puzzle Cracked” - Some Leaders fail, some thrive; however both claim victory, why?

Published by Joel NN in 2- Leadership · 18/2/2014 23:17:27
Tags: EmotionalIntelligenceSpiritualCognitiveMoralQuotientSelfDevelopment
Spiritual Intelligence (Si), Cognitive Intelligence (Ci), Emotional Intelligence (Ei),IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and Moral Intelligence (Mi) can not act alone to represent Self-Development, they have to be integrated in a synergistic manner, preferably in an Individual Character Zones (ICZ)
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