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How to unlock your best Leadership in you?

Published by Joel NN in 1-Self-Development · 15/3/2014 22:52:23
Tags: SelfIntelligenceCognitionspiritualMoralimprintingTraining

Leadership is the proficiency in influencing others using an amalgam of individual powers and positional powers when motivating people to prudence; orienting them to prosperity, while decision-making on business dilemmas and temptations.

Individual Powers is acquired from self-development which is the cumulative development of one's competences, characters, attributes and virtues from infancy to secure prudence or imprudence in adulthood. Positional Powers is an opportunity granted by an organization to act on behalf, therefore can be acquired by any, however performance will depend on individual powers an outcome of a mutable self-development using trainings or re-imprinting techniques resulting into shifting zones as seen from here.

The expected best Leadership outcomes are to implement the following techniques:-

1) Embrace EDT (Enterprise Decision-Thinking) which is the big-picture decision on business issues before dealing with the details in any business undertaking. Most firms fail by not resolving EDT,
2) Demonstrate the conduct you expect from others by embracing Moral Intelligence (Mi) by exercising integrity, responsibility, compassion, and forgiveness. Make sure what you say is what you do; because what you do as a leader is more than twice louder than what you say. When you stumble on issues seek pardon (including stepping down), when somebody errs on you and seeks pardon, forgive reasonably (including reprimanding or training/re-imprinting), moreover, when things goes tough on reaching the assigned tasks show compassion by offering mitigating measures (listen and assess the sources),
3) Empower subordinates; employees need a clear delegation of powers, tell clearly what to be done, timeframe, and consequences on failure to accomplish the assigned tasks. Seek on inventing best business processes which covers the key fundamental systems in any firm by designing the best synergies available on the market; and lastly,
4) Motivate employees on what they do better and stop making mountains from a molehill (exaggerating on minor issues) by assigning reasonable challenges and not protecting anyone meanwhile praising the best performance. Take time evaluating performance, do not take sides in conflicts, and instead furnish resolutions preferably using ‘trilemma’ methods – a synergized solution from the conflicting parties.

The above four leadership technique will render you a best Leader, however they stem from an individual powers best improved using advanced re-imprinting habits or training on emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence.

What are you views?
Joel NN.

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"Leadership Puzzle Cracked” - Some Leaders fail, some thrive; however both claim victory, why?

Published by Joel NN in 2- Leadership · 18/2/2014 23:17:27
Tags: EmotionalIntelligenceSpiritualCognitiveMoralQuotientSelfDevelopment
Spiritual Intelligence (Si), Cognitive Intelligence (Ci), Emotional Intelligence (Ei),IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and Moral Intelligence (Mi) can not act alone to represent Self-Development, they have to be integrated in a synergistic manner, preferably in an Individual Character Zones (ICZ)
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