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“Leaders decides, never gambles; is the current business crisis caused by one of the two?”

Published by Joel NN in 2- Leadership · 14/2/2014 14:52:26
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Leadership is the proficiency influencing others using an amalgam of individual powers and positional powers when motivating people to prudence; orienting them to prosperity, while decision-making on business dilemmas and temptations.

Leadership gambling attracted the current business crisis mainly caused by a conflict between Leadership’s desires to stakeholder’s aspirations, whereby, organization’s Leadership are engaged into ways to make sure they maintain their reign, forgetting the business zeitgeist which control the business beneficiaries (customers). This is a decision act parse, however not a gambling choice, for Leaders choosing to satisfy themselves instead of the societies’ interest is gambling, and we are getting the consequences of what we had chosen before. Stakeholders on the other hand are expecting their Leaders to discover and fulfil zeitgeist securing their victory. Others causes of the current business crisis are complex transcontinental, transnational, and national relationships and ideologies, which call for a long term solutions, sometimes across several Leadership generations, in the manner scribed below.

Zeitgeist is the “the spirit of the time; the spirit characteristic of an age or generation” while paradigm is “The generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time”  Or Paradigm is “a comprehensively accepted scientific endeavour that for a particular time decipher (decode) model problems as well as providing solutions to challenges they face”. Therefore, customers are controlled by zeitgeist, while leadership by paradigm, thus we posit that ‘zeitgeist is a natural phenomenon, highly dynamic leading paradigms, if the current paradigm lags zeitgeist, then a paradigm-shift governs if there is an alternative significant paradigm around; if not, professionals fail to meet social demands, such that the business circumstances pushes them back into invention or discovery stage, where they will search for solutions according to zeitgeist. If they breakthrough, an invention is accomplished leading to innovation proceedings that meets a particular social demands, this discussion describes the Kuhn-Cycle as shown from the last graphics from here.

Kuhn-Cycle is a series of periods in science or business, of stable growth punctuated by re-visionary revolutions. EDT (Enterprise Decision Thinking) is the prudence performance within Kuhn-Cycle. It is a result of human thinking as shown from the graphics just shown from P-Square Wizard to the process of furnishing of solutions to problems we face, and to the Kuhn-Cycle, which calls for a continuous decision making of various stages as shown in the Kuhn-Cycle diagram, for Leaders opting gambling among the stages, crisis arises immediately.

Kuhn-Cycle can be precisely controlled using Seven-Links to Success philosophy as a commanding individual and organizational development engaging indispensable seven-links to flourish in business, namely Self-Development, Leadership, Strategy, Synergy, Management, Social Impact (SIA), and Research & Development (R&D).

Seven-Links to Success defines a complete leadership tool to thrive in business, because, it contains seven indispensable links to compete in business, by furnishing business solutions not solving them. Creating a business solution we mean thinking one’s business from a big-picture view down to details through synthetic-thinking, in a cycles of synthesis>analysis>synthesis; problem solving entails problem analysis alone. The details about Kuhn-Cycle, intelligences, etc.

The Seven-Links to Success is about finding and installing controls to control our business achievement so far in the world, such that we cannot afford surrendering it to trash, because its catastrophe is huge, accompanying loss of resources and life.

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