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Seven-Links Model compared to Atomism Thinking

Thriving is a vigorous success in a long range view. It is achieved by comprehensive thinking; by using Seven-Links Model possess six attributes.                   
Mental Model:  a Seven-Links Model utilizing Discovery, Invention, and Innovation appealing for the four Natural Virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance) while atomism employs  Empirical Models,
Mental Focus: Seven-Links Model exploits opportunities gained in the past, and visions in the best future, in order to command the present success; while atomism devotes in the past experiences to win the present,
Resolution Motivation: Seven-Links Model is Community inspired; while atomism is Individual or Facts centred,
Resolution Method: Seven-Links Model operates from the Big-picture (EDT –Enterprise Decision Thinking), divisions (links) and details of concerns; while atomism solves the Details only,
Resolution Trend: Seven-Links Model crafts Sustainable achievements, while atomism take advantage of Quick fix manipulations (just keep going), and
Resolution Framework: Seven-Links Model considers Systemic resolutions (dealing a system); while atomism resolves a problem independently.

Seven-Links Model vs. Atomism Thinking: Graphics


Seven-Links Model


Mental models

Discovery, Invention, and Innovation


Mental focus

Past, Present, and Future

Past experience

Resolution motivation

People centred

Facts centred

Resolution method

Big-picture, divisions, and details

Details only

Resolution trend



Resolution framework

(dealing a system)

(dealing a problem)

Seven-Links Model Framework
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